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Junior Mathematics

  • The Dread of π
    Introducing Length and Perimeter for High school Students Although this topic is vigorously taught in primary, we still receive some students that struggle with it in High School. Depending on the class, I would possibly complete a quick quiz to gauge their level, then possible start at Stage 3 (I posted some web-links that would […]
  • Patterns and Algebra
    Introducing this concept can be really challenging for parents and or teachers with little experience. I have posted a resource which allows that wall to break. It took about three years to construct that perfect resource but it works! Few key things to remember Modify with each class/student as you see necessary. i.e make harder, […]
  • Rotations Rotations Rotations
    Are you doing circles around yourself whether you are a parent or a teacher trying to discover rotations, transformation, and translations? Well look no more ! check out the resources I have handpicked for this topic from all over the world. I have taught using many but by far have only chosen the best! Enjoy […]
  • Home Schooling
    Dear Home school families. I know what a difficult time this has been. I have decided to launch early. I really wanted to completed uploading my resources online before I would launch this website but considering the circumstances. Here goes! Please write in the message box any materials you would like to aid your children […]
  • Algebra and more..
    Resources : So its that time of Algebra again! In my years of experience, this topic can be introduced as early as primary. The Australian syllabus attempts it as patterns in the junior years but I say dive in. The only problem is explaining who on earth x is ?. And what are letters doing […]
  • Changing the subject
    Changing the subject can be tricky for students, especially standard I. what I do advise is that they practice solving two and three step equations and perfect that before they can attempt this worksheet. New teacher, hold your horses with this sheet. Try a few repetitive or modelling a few times the techniques. I tried […]
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