For mathematics teachers, there are thankfully many ways to create a quiz. But I think at the end of the day as a teacher (or parent) I believe there are a few things to consider before going quiz crazy!

What is the purpose of the quiz?

For me as a teacher I like to use it as a quick check for students’ understanding before we start a lesson. It helps me gauge where they are at and how to pitch the lesson. We call this formative assessment.

Is the quiz forming part of the learning?

At university and during my years of practice I became familiar with assessments as a form of learning rather than rigorous testing. For example you may have completed a topic on equations, by articulating a question that considers incorrect working out, the student can self reflect and learn new concepts DURING the examination itself.

How long will the quiz take and how many levels of understanding am I testing?

Hard question! you can test application, theory, problem solving, the list goes on.. however, Teachers are time restricted and to come up with such a task requires, time, eloquence, understating of how students learn, finesse, experience and did I mention time? You are usually required to complete one type of Summative (exam) task for each grade per term or per topic so to have the time for all the above can be arduous task!

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a quiz (more for drill and practice or acquiring learning skills) in under one minute. Most of the tutorial is explaining how to use onenote and forms.


Hope you Enjoy it